Synaptic Touchpad Configuration LXDE

2013-02-20 20:11:19 +0000

This is probably not the cleanest or the neatest way to do this but until LXDE gets a synaptic applet of its own its one way to configure your touchpad on login so it functions how you want it.

First create a file $HOME/bin/ with you configuration set using synclient.

#! /bin/sh

synclient TapButton1=1
synclient TapButton2=3
synclient TapButton3=2

And make it executable chmod 755 $HOME/bin/

Now create a file to autostart this on login $HOME/.config/autostart/touchpad.desktop.

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Touchpad Config
Comment=Personal Touchpad Settings

This is probably not standards compliant ;-).

Now if you logout and login your touchpad should be configured correctly. If you copied my setting one finger tap for left button, two finger tap for right button, three finger tap for middle button.

Asus Transformer and Youtube Fullscreen

2013-02-09 09:59:18 +0000

If you are a Transformer user you will have noticed that the latest updates of the youtube app from Google busted fullscreen while you are docked with keyboard.

This has been well discussed on xda-developers forum and it seems for now the only way to restore functionality is to roll back to the latest working version.

The latest version is on the forums here.

Just uninstall all updates then install this package instead. It is a bit unfortunate that you also lose the nice clean interface of the newer app.

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad

2013-01-21 02:24:59 +0000

And today we return to narrow gauge trains with Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad. This is a cool little narrow guage in the Oak Meadow Park at Los Gatos. They have a steam engine and two diesel engines. Unfortunately the steam engine does not run in the winter months. Guess that's an excuse to come back in the summer.


At only 2$ a ticket it's a bargain for a 15 min ride around the park on the train.

At the end of every run the engine has to be turned around. The have a little turntable just off the end of the platform for this task.



Marin Headlands Hike

2013-01-19 23:28:19 +0000

I was invited on a hike today by a couple of my friends here in the bay area. It was a 5.5 mile hike in the Golden Gate Recreation Area.

One of the first things was getting closer to the local birds than I have mananged before.

Bird3 Bird2 Bird

We headed out along the Wolf Ridge trail.


After a brief stop for lunch we headed down the hill towards the old WW2 gun batteries. They were pretty impressive and once held some huge guns. The sort that hit things that haven't come over the horizon yet.




Also coming down the hill there were good view back across to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.


There was quite impressive surf on the sea and a few hardy surfers out enjoying themselves in it.



I had a great day and was a change from spending my time looking at boring "tourist" attractions. Must try and do this again in this area.

Crazy Emacsen

2013-01-19 01:38:59 +0000

Stole most of this from a blog.

But crazy emacsen for setting base directory for kernel compiles and a correct for me compile command.

((nil . (
    (eval . (setq default-directory (locate-dominating-file
        buffer-file-name ".dir-locals.el")
    (compile-command . "make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- -j4 uImage")